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Aug 20, 2013
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I just left an official Verizon Wireless store here in San Francisco and this was the exact conversation I had.

VZW Employee #1: Hi, is there anything I can help you with today?
Me: Yes, especially if you can sell me a DROID Mini (which is currently on display).
VZW Employee #1: I sure can, but we actually won't have any in stock until the 22nd.
Me: Oh, no worries. Can I reserve one here so I can pick it up on Thursday?
VZW Employee #1: Absolutely.
Me: Great!

I get handed off to the customer service desk.

Me: Hi, I was told I can reserve a DROID Mini to pick up on the 22nd.
VZW Employee #2: Alright, no problem. Need your phone number, ID, etc etc.
Me: Sure.
VZW Employee #2: Ok, I just need an address and we can ship it to you.
Me: I don't want it shipped, I want to pick it up here on Thursday.
VZW Employee #3: (On the phone, next to VZW #2) - Yep, the DROID Mini is available today!
VZW Employee #2: Well, we can't ship from our warehouse to the store, only to an address.
Me: Uh, ok, I guess that kind of makes sense.
VZW Employee #2: Great, it will ship on the 29th.
Me: Wait, what happened to the 22nd?
VZW Employee #2: The phone isn't available until the 28th, so it ships on the 29th.
Me: The guy who just brought me over here said the 22nd and the woman on the phone next to you said today.
Me: When can I physically walk into this store and purchase this device?
VZW Employee #2: I don't know, we get deliveries once a week, but we don't know when.

TLDR Version:
  • DROID Mini is on display today.
  • When calling VZW, it's available today.
  • When talking to one employee, it's available on the 22nd.
  • When trying to reserve it's available on the 28th, but ships on the 29th.
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Highland Droid

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Apr 14, 2011
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lol - or if you have MY experience....

Monday night on phone to VZW store about 20 min from my house:
Me: Are you guys going to have the new Droids to sell tomorrow?
VZW: Yes! We got 10 of each model. They will be available tomorrow.
Me: Even the Mini?
VZW: Yes sir. 10 of each.

Tuesday in store:
Me (looking at Droid Mini display model - gorgeous phone): Yes, I'd like to get one of these.
VZW: Oh, I'm sorry, we don't have any of those. Only the Maxx and the Ultra.
Me: I'm sorry - what? I was told by an employee in this store yesterday that you got 10 of each model.
VZW: Yeah - that was me. I was mistaken. It was actually the RAZR-M. They have similar boxes.

Me - walks out of store with a Maxx and $400 lighter.


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Aug 3, 2013
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NYC stores have them in. Called one, they had it, then ran across a store and there they all were. That mini size is absolutely adorable.


Aug 20, 2013
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San Francisco has them at retail today too. Walked in first thing this morning and had to navigate through some "Oh, I think they're ship/website/etc only." before I was able to walk out with one.

It's the perfect size, exactly what I've been waiting for.

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