Remove page title while sharing links


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Jan 21, 2011
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Ever since I upgraded to Android 4.3, when I am on a webpage in Chrome, click on Menu -> Share... and choose my sharing applicaiton, like Messaging, the system automatically adds the page title included with the link that I want to share. Something like...

page title here

It's kind of annoying to me because I do not intend to share the page title. It's even worst when I try to share image links, it pre-populate the messaging or the email app with something like this:

19db4ce2d64ecc0ef45303500aebc845_crop_exact.jpg (650?433)

Obviously because an image does not have an HTML title inside a browser. I spend time and time trying to remove that junk (19db4ce2d64ecc0ef45303500aebc845_crop_exact.jpg (650?433)) but it can get annoying.

Is there a setting somewhere that can return this to the way it used to be? Just share the link. I wonder if the developers at Sumsung tested this feature to see if it's something the users want? I know I don't want it. Because it puts text there making me the author of that text, when I am not. I just want to share the link.

Galaxy Note 2
Android 4.3
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