[REVIEW] Kate Spade Playful and Strong Case for the Galaxy Note 9

Adam Matlock

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Jul 24, 2015
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It’s always interesting when I decide to review more fashion-oriented cases, and designer brands. More subtly I mean cases that are more appealing to the female population, but that’s totally ok! Women are also a part of the tech world and are aptly named “our better half” for many reasons. One such reason is to have glamorous and fashionable accessories for their phones, which of course we would likely never be sporting around. Well, this time I ventured out and got my first ever Kate Spade case, which is pretty cool. Even though it’s a Kate Spade branded case, it’s actually manufactured by Incipio, which means that in addition to having designer branding it also has quality craftsmanship and a 6ft drop protection rating. Say hello to the Kate Spade Playful and Strong case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.


The Look: At first glance, you would likely just brush this case off as a run-of-the-mill clear TPU case, but like our Transformers brethren, there is more than meets the eye when it comes to this case. Sure, it’s a clear TPU case, but it’s also inlaid with bedazzling replica jewels and precious stones that give it the extra flare that will attract your attention. It has several different colored replica jewels as wells as tiny pearls that are built right into the case – and they’re quite snug. With a less reputable manufacturer I would be concerned with the little jewels falling out over time but based on my time with the case and the reliable history of Incipio, I am confident that this won’t be a problem. The case looks simple and plain, but it also has an air of elegance and sophistication about it. There’s really something refreshing about the subtle hints of class, combined with the traditional clear case. And of course, because it’s a clear case, it allows you to see the underlying color of your fancy Samsung Galaxy Note 9!


The Feel: The case has a solid feel to it, and it wraps around the phone well. It doesn’t fit loosely, but it also isn’t so grippy that you’ll need a crowbar to pry it off of your phone – which is especially important if you’re worried about damaging your fingernails. The case isn’t slippery, but it isn’t overly grippy. One of the consistencies across the TPU case world is that they are generally not overly textured, which is important because you want to keep the material smooth and clear, so you can see the underlying phone design. Another benefit of this case is that the profile is slim and very minimalistic, which was a bit surprising considering it garnered a 6ft drop protection rating. The buttons are on par with any other Incipio brand case. The buttons are smooth and easily recognizable to the touch and have great feedback. They aren’t the easiest buttons in the world to press but they warm up over time as they are broken in. The only concern that I had regarding the case texture is that the replica jewels keep the regular TPU material from coming in contact with the surface when you place the phone down. What does this mean? Well, the replica jewels are more of a hard plastic, which means that they aren’t textured, and the phone will slide around on the table or desk more than most traditional cases, so be careful with this.


Security: As I mentioned up above, the Playful and Strong case is definitely strong! In addition to being pretty, and classy, it also carries MIL-STD drop protection, rated at 6ft! This is especially helpful if you’re prone to dropping you phone or carry it around a lot while you’re out and about. Of course, I highly recommend that you put a screen protector of some sort on the screen to ensure you have comprehensive protection all the way around the phone. As is with many cases now ‘days, the cutouts for the fingerprint sensor and biometric sensor are recessed, which keeps them out of harms way when you place your phone down on a flat surface. But wait, there’s more… The front bezels around the top and bottom are also slightly enlarged to keep your phone screen protected if you place it face down on flat surfaces as well.


Conclusion: The Kate Spade Playful and Strong case is a winning combination of aesthetics, as well as security. It really takes the name “Playful and Strong” to heart, by incorporating gorgeous little faux-gemstones into the case, while still maintaining 6ft of drop protection. The entire assembly is built well from the ground up and will do a great job of accenting the fine features of your fancy, and expensive new Note 9. And, because it’s a clear case with subtle little jeweled accents, it pairs with just about anything! I think that it’s a solid case and is a sold contender for a daily driver, or even as a classy option when you want to change things up a bit when you go out for the evening.

If you’re interested in picking up one of these new Kate Spade cases for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, you can actually find them over at Verizon’s website: https://vz.to/2zKUhrb - They are currently priced at $39.99. This case only comes in one color: Clear. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them down in the comments section.