[REVIEW] Ringke Fusion Case for the BlackBerry KEY2

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Jul 24, 2015
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OK, so I have used the new Ringke case on my phone for the last couple of days and I have to say that I am quite impressed with it. I have used the Ringke Fusion case for several different devices before, including the KEYone, and this iteration is just as solid as ever. It is a great option for security, it offers a sleek profile and it has MIL-STD rated protection for up to 4 feet. The Fusion line is One of the more popular series of cases that RIngke has to offer, and it is available on most major devices.


The Look: The look of the Fusion case is very unique because it offers a near minimalistic style profile that doesn't obscure the form factor of your device too much, but it also offers very good protection, both comprehensively and from drops. You just can't find this in very many cases in this price point or with this design. It is a reinforced bumper style case that is clear on the back but comes in 2 different color options for the bumpers. the bumpers can be clear as well, but you can also get it in a smoke black color, which matches really well with the black BlackBerry KEY2 – see pictures below. One of the other really nice features is the transparent window on the back that is completely see through. what this does is it gives you the opportunity to showcase the professional and sleek looking design of the back of the phone, but if you want you can also customize it and add your own individual flair to your phone by inserting stickers, pictures color or even a mirror reflective sticker so you can make it a reflective surface. Bonus… it even comes with a nylon wrist strap that connects to the lanyard loop on the phone case, which allows you to cinch it down on your rest and tote it around worry-free.


The Feel: The Fusion case has a great feel to it. It's not very slick at all even though it has a very smooth surface on the back of the phone. What gives the phone its grip and handle is the solid molding TPU material which is consistent throughout the entire case. Additionally, the bumpers are reinforced and slightly over-sized, so it makes it very easy to hold on to the phone, and it's definitely not slippery. The buttons have great positive feedback on them. I have said this before and I will say it again, Ringke makes some of the button cut outs on any case I've ever used, which is especially great because their prices for their cases are very low. In contrast to some other cases, they really bring a lot to the table with regard to their products. The only complaint that I have in this Department is that the case does make the KEY2 look and feel more like BK one. One of the great selling points for me with this phone is the wonderful formfactor, the more squared off appearance, the center profile, and the great amount of detail that really went into designing this phone. While this case doesn't change the overall size of the device too much, it does modifiy the profile ever so slightly to make it feel more like you’re holding the KEYone. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but… I really prefer to carry the KEY2 without a case because I just love the phone and it's design so much.


Security: As I mentioned up above, the Fusion case actually has really good security for having such a minimal profile and lack of overly protective physical characteristics. As mentioned, molded TPU is accented by the slightly oversized bumpers which give the edges of the phone a slightly rounded appearance, but help to give it that 4 feet of drop protection. This phone case has MIL-STD rated drop protection for up to 4 feet, which I think is really good especially considering the price point. One nice thing about this rating is that Ringke went in depth on part of the process for how this rating was garnered, which I also elaborated on in my video. This phone case was tested by being dropped 26 times onto an impact surface and the phone is still intact; that's pretty phenomenal… and that's nothing that I've really seen advertised by other case manufacturers, so this goes a long way to help out the credibility for the rating behind the protection. In addition to this, as is common with most phone cases nowadays, the bezel on the case is also slightly oversized so it protects the surface of your phone screen in the event that you want to place it face down on a flat and clear surface. Of course, the cameras on the back are also recessed and protected from flat services as well. Overall, the security on this phone case is excellent and it's a great addition to your personal phone case collection in the event that you decide to purchase one for your own device.


Conclusion: Considering the very limited selection of cases that are available for the KEY2 right now, it goes even further to support my recommendation for this case, not only because of the price and the protection, but also because of the outstanding history of the support that Ringke has had for BlackBerry devices. As you can see if you go check on Amazon, there aren't a whole lot of name brand cases that are available for this phone…, so I was very happy when I found out that Ringke was indeed supporting the KEY2. Overall, I'm very happy with this case and I think that it does a great job of providing a solid option for your fancy new KEY2. It's sleek, it's protective, the design compliments the phone very well, and won't break the bank.


If you would like to pick up one of Ringke’s Fusion cases for the BlackBerry KEY2, you can find them on Ringke’s website for $14.99 - https://www.ringkestore.com/collect...blackberry-key2-fusion?variant=12283959640164 – As I mentioned before, the case comes in two different color options: Clear, and Smoke Black (only the bumpers are colored). The phone case also qualifies for Amazon Prime free 2-day shipping, if you’re an Amazon Prime member.
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Feb 4, 2016
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After trying several cases, I to would recommend this case. It's solid, non-slippery, and minimalistic. I love how it maintains the look of the phone (I have the red key2) while offering really good protection.

I go back and forth between using my BlackBerry naked (with a pouch) and in a case. When I rock the latter, this is my go to.

Great review.

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