ROM Alerts: Please Read [GUIDELINE UPDATE2]

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Jul 11, 2010
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Well, it's finally time! ROMs are starting to move out! But since they've been slow for the Epic, I decided that we should make a ROM alert system. Anyone may post a ROM alert as long as they provide the proper information.

This should be your format:
ROM ALERT: (name) (version)

Source: (hyperlink to original thread on XDA)

(list features)

Known Problems
(any problems users should be aware of)

Compatible Themes #[only until theme alerts start]
(names of themes)

Compatible Kernels #[only until kernel alerts start]
(names of kernels)

Basically, copy and pasting will do the trick.

Last of all, have fun! I really do hope this will help notify people of ROMs quicker than having to check a bunch of sites and then come to AndroidCentral.

If you do not have a positive date on the release, DO NOT POST. This will clutter up the ROMs/Hacks section and it will not look good.

If this system works, then we can change up some of the instructions later.

UPDATE (10/7): I cannot post every single ROM in a ROM alert since there are so many. Unless your forum is brand new, you will only see the most recently updated ROMs.

caliskimmer, moderator ;)

Special thanks to ragnarokx for the format update! :)
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