Root the Tab Pro 10.1?


Feb 5, 2013
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I've had my Tab Pro for a couple of weeks now, and I've come to the conclusion that the Magazine UX is pretty useless (for me at least).
Of all the samsung apps that come included, I think the keyboard is the only one that's worth it.
So, I was wondering what peoples thoughts on rooting the tablet were?
I just hate that I can't delete most of the samsung apps I don't want, and that touchwiz is slowing me down...

Should I do it?
Just trying to get some feedback from forum members on it.
I haven't rooted anything before, but I am sure its not too bad to navigate through.
Any experiences or tips to share?

Thanks in advance guys.


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Jul 27, 2013
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Reading the XDA TabPro forum it seems that people that do not like the Magazine UI do some or all of the following:
- Install Nova Launcher and use it
- Root and use Titanium Backup to freeze the Samsung apps they don't like (safe route)
- Root and manually remove the apps considered bloat with TiBu or a file manager that is give /system RW permissions
- Root and install CM11 ROM (currently only for TabPro 8.4)

Also the CM and TWRP recovery(s) are only working with the TabPro 8.4 but all indications are its only a matter of time before the whole TabPro series is supported.