S-Note Action Note Background Settings?


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Aug 25, 2011
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Let me start off by saying how AWESOME everyone is for helping out with some of my previous questions/concerns on my Note 5. I haven't been with Samsung since the Moment (there's a reason why I stopped trusting in them after that device) and, so far, LOVE my Note 5, even with the few glitches that I have had. I did discover how much I use the S-Pen and Action Notes in the last few months and don't think I will ever go back to a phone without a stylus - I loved them back in the Windows Mobile days also!

Now, my next set of questions has to do particularly with the S Notes App...

1) I've downloaded the Samsung S Note for Windows program from Sammy, but it doesn't seem to sync notes whether I have them linked to my Evernote account or my Sammy account. Has anyone gotten their S Notes to sync to PC yet? It's a great feature that I would love to have on board.

2) The black screen "pen out" note taking is awesome. My question is, when I set up action memos, I can choose the background color, but I can't select a pattern or texture... Is there a way to get the 'lined' look on this one or is it just the blanks.

3) When I 'move' a note from Action Memos to another book, they stay in the action note area as well. Is there any easy way to just move them and not have them stay in two places? I know I can delete them from Action Memos after the fact, but it would be nice if they just moved to the new book and didn't remain in the AM section.

If I could get a bit more functionality out of S Note, it would easily be my go to note organizer and fully cement the fact that I HAVE to stay on stylus phones forever - mainly the Note series.

Thanks again for all the help! It's so crazy to know so much about phones, but nothing about some of the little things that are built into them!