S23 Ultra Screen Protector question


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Aug 7, 2012
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I'm on my 3rd manufacturer of screen protectors & searching for another. I've never gone 'protection-less', probably never will. Wet installs freak me out though I do many things with glues in my artwork. I Followed directions, yet edges do not lay down.
Any rec.s much appreciated.
Tried UAG film, "ESR" glass (nice lense protectors-ended up fitting well in UAG Clear Case), then "Milomdoi" - smashed small corner. Even though I'm quite careful with my phone, it's still difficult for me to Hold. Width & Heft. Yeah- should be a post.
SO, I've found it flat on cement & tile flooring only 3xs so far... But That's enough.
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Jul 20, 2010
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I never use cases or screen protectors. I upgrade my phone each year and have never ended up with a cracked or conspicuously scratched screen at the end of the year. Sometimes I end up with a few microscratches, and sometimes with none at all--my S22U, for example, had none, and my S23U has none so far after more than a month of usage. But my experience may be atypical--I rarely drop my phone, whereas many people report dropping theirs once or more per month.

I'm not sure why you even care about microscratches, though. By definition, they're invisible when the screen is on--when the phone is actually in use--and very hard to see even when the screen is off, unless you're looking for them carefully and deliberately. So why not just refrain from doing that?
I've been the same way. This is the first phone that I have ever put one on. I probably won't put another one on, as I'm real careful with my phone. I go out of my way to make sure the phone is in a safe place, don't drop it in a bag full of stuff, it's the only thing that goes in my pocket.

I'm definitely not going to keep trying different screen protectors. The cost adds up fast and just give aggravation to the phone experience that should be good with this phone.
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Feb 7, 2012
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Never had an issue with a Samsung S series with micro abrasions. I've had better luck with LK screen protectors on Amazon. Whitestone Dome doesn't stay on very long with the use I give it.
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Dec 9, 2009
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I used a glass screen protector on my s22 ultra it worked ok but not great then I purchased a s23 plus with screen protectors and the FPS works great never an issue and never buying a curved screen again!!!
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