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Aug 1, 2015
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I recently upgrade from a samsung galaxy s4 that I had for 2 years and was on the most recent OS 5.01 to the s6 active. wondering how i can get back some of these familiar features from my s6 that I have had troubling changing on my s6 active. any help would be greatly appreciated!

1. why can't I scroll left the home screen page? I can keep going right but I cant go left from the initial home page screen. drives me crazy and is very inconvenient. I could always scroll left on my s4...any way to change this setting?

2. how do I disable the volume rocker in the messaging app from enlarging or making the font on the screen smaller?

3. how do I disable my google account search and browsing history from my computer signed in on that account from appearing on google chrome mobile? I want to differentiate the two while still obviously being connected to my gmail account on my phone for mobile email.

4. in the email app..is there a way to select an email by pressing and holding it and then hitting one button to mark it as unread? i remember this function being availabele on the s4 but now it appears you need to make the extra step and select more and then click mark as unread?

5.in email app is there any way to stagger emails so they are seperated by date with a space between days? this was in s4 now all emails are consolidated as one in s6 active and not staggered by day?

6. how how I set up voicemail without the visual voicemail it prompts me to do? it looks like visual voicemail is my only option and when I select to set it up it prompts me for an exiitng password that I do not know....how do i reset the password?????

7. what is the waterproof like? is it only waterproof up to a certain level of feet of water and for what amount of time? how big of drops can it sustain? and is the waterproof compromised in saltwater from ocean or chlorine pool water?

10. how do I edit touch screen sensitivity?

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