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S6 edge fingerprint/backup password issues


AC Question

Hi - I have had my s6 edge for three days. I typically don't like to use a screen lock but my teenager was insisting that I do. He uses a fingerprint scanner on his google phone, so he was trying to set my fingerprint scanner up for me. However, it kept rejecting my fingerprint. He may have set up a backup password in the process, but he never set my phone to be unlocked with my fingerprint.
So instead I set a pin to unlock my screen, but while I was transferring some pictures from my old phone to my S6, I took it off so that I didn't have to keep unlocking it.
Now, today, I want to put my PIN back. However, when I try to do this, it asks me for my fingerprint (which it rejects) and my backup password (which, if my son set it, is the same four digit pin I use for my debit card, which I would not forget). I am not locked out of my phone, but I can't change the security. I have read about some fixes involving typing in the wrong password enough times to be prompted to unlock it with Google, or using Find My Mobile, but I am wary of these because I am NOT locked out of my phone. It's just unsecured and I can't secure it. What can I do to fix this (short of a factory reset)? thanks!

PS - I downloaded the most recent android update yesterday, after the aborted fingerprint scanner setup.

the tall guy

Q&A Team
Sep 23, 2013
Hi, have you spoken to the teenager who set it up for you encase they used a different pass code?