s7's latest upgrade has destroyed the most important camera functions.


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Jul 2, 2018
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I've enjoyed the s7 since day one...no complaint, UNTIL I deployed the recent upgrade. My camera functions now completely suck. Completely gone are the options to tweak exposure, saturation, and contrast. All I can do now is crop or option one of 23 presets with lame *** names like 'cozy', 'breeze', 'sunshine', 'evergreen', etc.,etc. I was making some killer images with the older version of camera function, and saving some not so great images that needed help. WTF!!! Samsung should communicate a preview of exactly what is entailed with an upgrade so the user can option out if the new functions seem/are lame. I want my old camera back!!!! ( oh yea, now I can draw over my photos or add little flower stamps and accessories and decorations....how cool.....NOT!!!!)

mj calli

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Oct 31, 2016
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I completely agree. I am a digital artist and enjoyed impressing my friends and family with my non-professional whip-ups within minutes of taking a photo on my phone. What's more, when on vacation, I could do a quick edit and know right away which photos were the ones worth saving so I could delete the others to make room for more new shots. Thank goodness for Google Snap Seed, but I admittedly get sucked in. I'm due for a phone upgrade soon as my battery is not keeping it's charge too well anymore (note: I'm a very heavy user); I hope the newer models and upcoming updates restore the basic photo-editing tools.

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