Samsung Galaxy S4 Extended Battery (hopefully for the last time)


Feb 2, 2018
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Hello! Yes I know you've seen many threads about this but none of them really help me. I've got a almost 4 year old S4 (bought it in the end of Feb), battery never changed, it's still running with the battery that it came with but nothing lasts for ever so now it has finally started to drain very quickly (I'm still able to get through the day but just barely because I have a custom ROM) so it's time for a new battery. First I thought that I'm going to buy that official Samsung battery but then I discovered those extended batteries and was amazed that there were batteries big as 7500mAh. So I tried to find that ZeroLemon 7500mAh (yes I know it's huge but it doesn't matter for me) but there were no batteries available nor the double pack of 3000mAh batteries incl. the charger which is a option too. So I found some other batteries but I'm not sure are they any good and when I browsed the older topics I discovered that some makers don't even make batteries for the S4 anymore. So I decided to ask here where can I get a good S4 extended battery or am I better going on an official Samsung battery. Also if you've got that ZeroLemon battery (7500 or the 2x 3000) could you tell where you bought it and when? If they're not manufactured anymore can you recommend something else good? Maybe you can make some kind of list of available extended batteries for Samsung Galaxy S4? I don't understand why they made the S4 batteries only after year it was released and stopped making them so soon. Sorry for the long message but I just wanted to be specific. :)


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Jan 31, 2017
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You are better off going with the Samsung original batter, it is around 30 euros i believe, i am planning to buy the original as well but i will see if it's worth the investments, the biggest con of S4 is battery life... the phone still great even in 2018 if you ask me.

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