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Samsung galaxy s4 mini not turning on


AC Question

Today my phone developed the black screen of death, I have had no problems with it and had just left it to one side until I noticed that the screen was black and I was unable to switch it on or do anything with it. Ive tried all the steps (vol up, power + home, vol down, power +home, smacking the power button, removing the battery, using a new battery, plugging it in with a USB to my laptop which was recognised by the laptop but nothing happened? just a noise on my laptop as if the phone was plugged and unplugged) I have literally tried everything and I don't know what has happened? I have work on there that I need to get to!
Please help?! Thank you!


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Jun 10, 2014
There's only one idea that occurs to me, for what it's worth....failure of the power switch under the power button. But of course it could be something else.

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Feb 12, 2012
When you plug it into the laptop and hear the "connected" sound, does the phone appear as a drive about a minute later? If so, you probably have a bad screen. If not, you have an almost-hard-bricked phone, and it's probably going to require a JTAG service to get it working, unless the motherboard went, in which case it'll need a new motherboard.

In any case, it probably has to go to a repair shop to determine what the problem is.