Samsung Notes file corrupted


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Mar 31, 2022
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My most important note in Samsung Notes on my S9 showed up yesterday as a corrupted file when I tried opening it, and it cannot be opened at all. I tried everything I could to fix it - have spent hours so far. I had no backup of Notes on the Samsung Cloud or through OneNote. I tried saving the corrupted file in different formats to my phone, but the phone won't allow that in most cases, and when it does, the file is a few bytes. I also tried selecting it along with a working Note, which didn't work. I tried downloading an old version of Notes which didn't lead anywhere. I used the Samsung accessibility screen reader feature, and it can read some of the words in the file, and then it stops reading. I managed to install an older version of Notes on Windows - only a batch of older notes populated.

Why didn't Samsung allow these notes files to be stored in the File Manager so they can be worked with directly?

*** Does anyone have ideas on how to repair a corrupted Notes file through the S9? Any Developer methods I could try? *** I tried a Windows debugger that failed to scan.



Jul 14, 2011
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You can try 3rd party file recovery apps (but these seldom are successful, especially with encrypted files). Unfortunately, if you have no back up of the file, there is little you can do about a corrupted/damaged file. Samsung, like most other apps, cannot use 'plain format' files as the features on their apps would make that impossible; hence why they offer the ability to export the notes to a myriad of formats or to have cloud back ups.