Samsung S6 Plus Edge totally FAILED! Can you help?


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At Christmas my family all got brand new phones. My kids opted to stay with the latest iPhones while I left Apple to go with a Samsung Galaxy S6 Plus Edge. I took insurance on all phones except my Samsung and of course that is the one that has totally failed!!!

It no longer recognizes my fingerprint or password despite putting in the correct one and every other password I’ve ever used. I’ve now changed the password via my PC but it still doesn’t work.
This started happening last night. By double pressing the Home button I was able to access the camera and take photos - but not today.

After I restart, or power on, I get the usual Samsung logo followed by the color logo which is then followed by the AT&T logo. When the AT&T logo comes up it immediately dims from the usual bright one to a ‘greyed out’ version.

I then have a totally dark screen with greyed out messages relating to texts and recent calls.

Then a totally BLACK screen asks for my ‘Backup Password’. Below that line is ‘EMERGENCY CALL”. Other times I can see it asking to sign in with my Google account but that doesn’t work either from the phone or PC.
Sometimes some of the keyboard letters show ‘CAPS’ and others show ‘lower case’ – all at the same time.
At times I can actually type in a password which of course doesn’t work but at other times the keyboard immediately disappears after I touch the screen and I’m left with a black screen.

After powering up again the date and time is displayed at the top of the screen although everything is dimmed.

Does anyone know what is happening here or what I should do? I have searched every forum available to no avail!


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Feb 12, 2012
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Or even your carrier. The phone is under warranty, so if you're in the US, the carrier should replace it. (With a refurb, but you're not replacing a new phone. That shouldn't be a problem, though. My current phone is a refurb - and I've been using it for over 2 years.)