Samsung Sync Unknown Error, how can I fix it?


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Jul 5, 2015
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Samsung Sync Unknown Error

I returned an S6 Edge to the store for replacement due to Samsung's own covers scratching the screen and replaced it with a new S6 Edge.

I backed up my old data on the old device no problem and restored it to the new device via the Samsung restore feature using my Samsung account.

Now I'm trying to backup my new phone such as the accessibility settings, clock, contacts, email etc. only one that syncs is accessibility and next to the rest it says never, along the top I see the cloud logo so syncing is taking place but when I swipe down a message states failed to back up device data an unknown error occurred.

Anyone else experience this? is it because I've had two devices one samsung account and they are conflicting?

I'm at a complete loss tried google search and can't see anything.