Samsungdive - problem cancelling call and message forwarding


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Dec 24, 2012
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I used the call forwarding and message forward functions off the Samsungdive website. Once i found my phone, i could not cancel either the call or message forwarding set ups. I just could not tab to or click the relevant 'buttons'. I rang up my network provider (three) and was given some MMI codes. #330*0000# and ##002# . I am not really clear on what these will have done as the next thing i know is that i started to receive confirmation delivery reports every few seconds to say that a message had been forwarded to my landline number (as text to speech). These delivery reports were produced automatically even though no messages were received. When i rang the network provider again as by this time (within a few hours) i had racked up over ?80 quid of charges they could not fathom it (my phone did not have the delivery or read receipt functions ticked). They just claimed that it must be a fault on the phone and told me to complete the factory re-set. I have done this now. They also just set a 'cap' on my text credits and this has stopped any more delivery reports being forwarded to my landline but we do not know if they will start up again once my new text allowance kicks in a the end of the month. They refuse to even give me some extra credit so they can test if the fault continues or not. Unfortunately, the network provider is insisting i still have to pay the charges incurred. I am not sure what to do now regards getting someone to accept liability for the errors in the delivery reports being generated to my landline as i still can't get the 'cancel' facility on Samsungdive to work and the network is refusing to accept any responsibility (even when i told them they should have flagged a problem at their end (i went from an average ?7.00 monthly user to over ?80 in a matter of hours) when confirmation delivery reports were obviously being generated at a speed when no one could have physically been able to receive or make text messages. Can anyone work out what might have gone wrong? Did the MMI codes cause the automatic generation of message forwarding delivery reports? Anyone know how i can report the fault to Samsung and get them to accept responsibility for the charges incurred (there is no call centre number on Samsungdive or main Samsung website). Or how can i get the network to assume responsibility, recognise that this was an obvious technical fault and they simply can't say dismiss responsibility because the phone was not bought from them? I apologise that this is a long and confusing email, this is just because no one has been able to explain to me what happened to the extent that i must be responsible for what happened and so must pay the additional charges? The only way the network might take responsibility for the extra charges is, once my text allowance kicks in again, if the automatic delivery reports start up again despite having put in all the safeguards (ie i have factory re-set the phone and removed the remote access on the phone. But i can't see how this might happen as i have also blocked all incoming text to speech messages on my landline phone. Any ideas?

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