Sandisk vs Samsung: Which SD card is best?


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May 2, 2015
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Right, finally got here. Used A1 SD Bench on my Samsung Galaxy Note Edge for a quick test on the Samsung Evo+ 128 GB Class 10 card I got ... Read 47, 04 MB/s Write 18,23 MB/s so within the Read up to 80 MB/s and Write up to 20 MB/s advertised on the Samsung website. Gonna run the CrystalDiskMark tomorrow on other laptop. It does write the movies to the SD card (there is a message when you start the camera with the new SD card inserted that says that burst shots and some other type of acquisitions will be written to system memory instead of the SD card). Did a 5 min recording (maximum amount of time you can record with the Samsung app) and played it back from the SD card (1,7GB file) and the 5 minutes seem to play well without any hiccups. So think this card will temain in my Note Edge, now need another one for the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12 lol


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Aug 30, 2015
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Re: Sandisk vs Samsung: Which SD card is best? answer---Samsung

I can with 105% accuracy say that you should buy samsung stuff 4 samsung stuff! I can report about this topic in several ways:

- I purchased the highest and best Sandisk card at the time and still had the card just fail on me.

- lost all data I had on my Sandisk card, but one of the things I like about having a samsung device and Google account is the redundant backup system. I had enough stuff backed up that it pretty much restored all my stuff including a 4K music collection which samsung smart switch saved in one of my cloud services. (key points, when you get a new android, link your google account and samsung account to literally backup you life!)

- Read about Sandisk sorta acknowledging the problem it's devices have been having working with samsung devices. I will say they are a honorable company, I sent them my damaged card and got one of the latest cards at that time...The Sandisk Ultra 64GB to replace my other unit.

Now this is where it gets interesting. My S5 international is so reliable, that I rarely take it out of it's case. After one year, I decide to take it out of it's case and dry wipe it down and re-seat my cards...sdcard....sim...etc. Things were going good, so I thought. I later found out that nothing I would copy over to my ext sdcard was being saved prior to me re-seating it! All my notes, new songs, pictures, videos, and things I can't even remember were being physically copied to my ext sdcard but they would not stay. I now had a read only ext sdcard while my phone storage was fading fast!

Went to Best buy yesterday and got a 128 GB microSDXC UHS-I card(Samsung), and a card reader to transfer data to PC first, than the new card. I did my standard test every few days of copying anything to my 64GB card and then checking to see if anything would stay and I got the same results, the folder would be empty after about one minute, a restart, or shutdown of the phone.

Copied all my stuff to the new 128 GB card and Boom! The phone seem to have just picked up speed and I only have 1gb or less of free space left! Did my checks and test and the stuff I copied stayed! I shut the phone down, removed the card, Put the card back in, restarted the phone, and checked it again. My tested copy files are still on my new 128Gb Samsung EVO!

This is huge, this means to some point SanDisk micro sdcards are not compatible with Samsung phones...I would tell everyone from the tallest building if I could only buy Samsung cards for you High end smartphones, if indeed it's a S-series phone. I am also thinking of all the damage it has done to my OS even if everything is acting like a new phone again. I would advise everyone to hit Bestbuy and get a samsung micro sdcard for your phone, because they are being hit hard by all the retailers selling stuff online way cheaper, but they themselves are forced to sell cheap just to keep up. The price was $129 but was marked down to $79.99. the guy handed me the 64gb evo by samsung but than I asked him for the 128. Something in my gut was telling me it's the sdcard. I have regained almost 4gb of space on my phones sdcard.

I thought about this before I found this trend and decided to see what everyone was thinking about this as well. But soon as I saw your post I was compelled to write this Hopefully this is a book people won't mind reading because it's in order and the truth.

Peace! (trash Sandisk, if you have Samsung buy SAmSung!)


Sep 16, 2015
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Well I got a Class 10 Samsung 64gb SSD in my Note 4 and a Class 10 Sandisk 64gb SSD in my Galaxy Tab S 8.4.
Both seem to operate as intended without issue.

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Nov 10, 2015
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......... I see 3 different 64gb Samsung SDXC cards:
EVO, PRO and UHS-1

Is one any more reliable than the others, or is it purely a matter of speed?
Is the UHS-1 the same as one of the other two?

The SD Card Association, who define the SD card designations, have explanations on site. I can't post real link yet :( but it's at:
They say "UHS (Ultra High Speed) Speed Class is designed for UHS** devices only" and on next page "Speed Class and UHS Speed Class are two different speed indication symbols for different devices. However, a UHS-I memory card may also indicate a Speed Class. Check your manual or device to determine the right Speed Class for your device."
I've noticed SDHX cards appearing marked with both 'Speed class 10' (a 10inside a C) and with UHS class1 1(inside a U), so I'm guessing that those cards would work in both types of devices. While presumably a card having only a 1(inside a U) would not be backward compatible... {edit} from "An SDHC UHS-I card will work in any SDHC compatible device at lower speeds,"
Speed class 10 and UHS class 1 both have Minimum Serial Data Writing Speed of 10MB/s, UHS class 3 is minimum 30MB/s.

The card class defines a minimum serial write speed, so two cards in the same class could have very different performance, depending on the device. So a cards bench-mark results could differ a lot between testing in a card reader and a smart-phone.

Looking at some manufactures specifications:
For the SanDisk Ultra, maximum read speeds are up to 30 MB/s for the 64GB SDXC Class 10; up to 48MB/S for the 64GB & 128GB SDXC micro Class 10; up to 90MB/s for the 200GB SDXC micro Class 10; SanDisk Extreme microSDXC UHS-I speed U3 Read up to 60MB/s Write up to 40MB/s.
For Samsung PRO 64 GB microSDXC Card the speeds are Read: up to 70MB/s Write: up to 20MB/s, Samsung Pro+ 64GB microSDXC UHS-I U3 Read: up to 95 MB/s with UHS-1 interface Write: up to 90 MB/s with UHS-1 interface; Samsung EVO 64GB MicroSDXC U1 is up to 48 MB/s transfer speed with UHS-I interface, spec also includes "Interface UHS-I, compatible to HS interface" ... & Class 10.

I gave the the app "A1 SD bench", mentioned elsewhere in thee thread, a quick try on my Sony Z3 compact (D5803) with an old 32GB Kingston microSDHC Class 10, getting results R:25.8 MB/s W:5.97MB/s (which isn't within Class 10 spec). With an even older SanDisk microSDHC Class 4, (speed 4 spec minimum 4MB/s write) results R:20 MB/s W:4.98MB/s so that's in spec.
You can look at others results for the same model, best external SD (looking back 24 hours) was R:51MB/s W:46MB/s, so I know what the phone should good for.

It is a great pity the app doesn't read the card type and show with these results as it would be a great way of choosing the most compatible card ( perhaps if enough people add suggestion to Golgle app comments??) At least you can see what the device can achieve to know what spec is worth going for.

Write speed becomes more important if you're shooting 1080p or burst mode stills, then a Samsung Pro+ 64GB microSDXC UHS-I U3 would be usefull (& amazed by the low price) ... or wait a bit till the 128GB version comes out.
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Jan 29, 2016
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Hello everyone,
Comparing sandisk and samsung flash card. Obviously you choose samsung.ok
As a user of samsung 64gb micro usb3.0 flash drive, i am happy with it. For more concern. The flash body is aluminum and work as heat sink. It also bent by using your own tooth and still work. No daught fast transfer speeds in both sides. I have also a picture of it. I peaked inside it and looked how it is made.
Samsung is number one however.
It has free shipping qhen purchased through
No to sandisk


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Dec 10, 2015
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I just got my note 4 in nov.i had a 32 gb SanDisk that worked fine in my previous phone.but when I used it in the Note I had trouble with it.but a Samsung 64 GB ultra and it works great no issue.

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