SD card/USB connection issues


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Jun 12, 2010
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I am having a problem deleting images from the SD card. I go into the gallery and press menu. I select the pictures I want to delete and then press confirm delete. At this point, the phone remains in the deleting status for a long time and does not delete the images. The images will delete if I turn the phone off, pull the battery, and then put the battery back in and turn the phone on. I first contacted Sprint support about this, and they had me do a PRL and profile update. Now I can delete just one image. Each subsequent image I try to delete results in the phone getting stuck in the delete process.

I decided that this was a minor inconvenience and that I could just connect my phone to the computer and delete the images that way. With USB debugging turned off, when I connect my phone to Windows 7, it tries to download driver software. It comes back saying that driver installation failed because software could not be found. When I connect my phone to Windows XP, it wants to run the new hardware wizard.

I searched the Sprint forums, and it seems that there is a thread on this issue. I looked through it and downloaded the Samsung Mobile Driver. When I download and install this driver and then connect the phone, Windows 7 begins installing driver software. It is able to install what is needed and reports the device is ready to use. I never see an additional disk drive show up on my computer. If I look at the suggested solution to the problem provided by Windows 7, it wants to download Samsung PC Studio 3 software. This application won't install on the computer.

Just a month ago, I was able to connect the phone to the computer without any issues, and now it won't work. :mad: Can anyone help me out?


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Nov 25, 2010
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Have you tried downloading PDAnet on both your computer and device from the Market and then make the connection/driver installation that way... Windows 7 is sooo fussy and that is the only way I've gotten a good solid connection.

As for you other issue, you may need to backup your sd card contents once you get connected via computer and then format your sdcard and see if that helps. Could have some corruption somewhere causing issues...

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