Soft Key Background Mods


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Mar 22, 2011
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I do not have a Nexus 4, but these will work on it. (a few people have tested this for me)
So have at it.
Soft Key Background Collection

Red Wings

Android Robot

ICS Blue -
Red -
Green -

Heart.png Key Background/

Heart Banner
HeartBanner.png Key Background/

ICS Logo
ICSLogo.png Key Background/

Nexus Logo
NexusLogo.png Key Background/

Android Central Logo
AndrodCentral.png Key Background/

Superuser.png Key Background/

Jolly Roger
JollyRoger.png Key Background/

Team Kang (show your AOKP Love)
TeamKang.png Key Background/

Star Wars Light Sabers

Blue - Key Background/
Green - Key Background/
Red - Key Background/

Triple Diamond
TripleDiamond.png Key Background/

San Francisco Giants
SFGiants.png Key Background/

Dodge Ram Logo
RamLogo.png Key Background/

Cummins Diesel Logo
CumminsLogo.png Key Background/

Flux Capacitor
fluxcap.png Key Background/

Ohio State Logo
Screenshot_2012-12-20-13-06-31_zps9d6dff44.png Key Background/

Nashville Predators Logo
Screenshot_2012-12-20-13-09-38_zps5d076d02.png Key Background/

San Francisco 49's Logo
Screenshot_2012-12-20-13-12-51_zpsecdfc072.png Key Background/

Detroit Tigers Logo
Screenshot_2012-12-20-13-15-54_zps1363d91e.png Key Background/

Game of Thrones Crown
Screenshot_2012-12-20-13-22-51_zpsf41df140.png Key Background/

Detroit Lions Logo
Screenshot_2012-12-20-13-27-43_zps7d76e9d1.png Key Background/

Android Jellybean Jar
Screenshot_2012-12-20-13-30-27_zpsa01b6bae.png Key Background/

University of Michigan Logo
Screenshot_2012-12-20-13-32-59_zpsec127b87.png Key Background/


These should work on any ROM

1. Download file
2. Transfer to SD card
3. Run through Zip Themer or Metamorph (I use Zip Themer)
4. Boot in to recovery
5. Flash File created in Zip Themer
6. Enjoy

When using Zip Themer:
Make sure you update Edify every time you change your ROM, or the first time using ZipThemer
open Zip Themer > settings > update Edify > select flashable file browse> locate on your device the ROM you are currently using > hit configure > wait for the success popup

I have not been able to make these work on any rom with a theme chooser theme installed, stock theme is the only way to use these :'(
If you use a rom that can change the glow color, it will change the entire background to that color. No multicolored backgrounds on AOKP :'(

I did not wipe anything when installing these files and it worked fine.
You might want to make a nandroid just in case.
I am not responsible if you destroy/brick/make your phone so hot you can take a bong hit off of it/other bad stuff.

I can make just about any logo/Pic in to a soft key background, so if there is something you would like made...Ask away. I will do my best to make it for ya.