solved how to connect large external usb drive to note 5


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Oct 23, 2015
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Download total commander from ap store
Download usb plug in for total commander by paragon

Use a otg microusb to usb canble to connect your hard drive - i was able to connect a 2 terabyte seagate drive this way

Doing this i can transfer files...but haven t been able to play files directly off the hard drive for some reason so i have to copy to the phone and then play

Copying is very fast on note 5 so not a big deal but if someone knows a way of how to play the file directly off the hard drive let new know

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Dec 1, 2011
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I set up a wireless hard drive companion (RavPower) that is hooked to a 2TB HDD.
I can dump to/from with my Note 5 (using FH+ app) and all other non-iOS devices.
Pretty cool :D