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Dec 11, 2012
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Hello everybody,

I recently got the Galaxy Note 4, and I just got my S-view case today. After putting my glass screen protector, the flap for the s-view cover doesn't close properly. So I just thought about the Spigen Magnetic Clip, and I was wondering if anyone are using it.

Does it affect any functions of the phone (S-Pen, touchscreen, etc.)? Does it have any possible bad effects to the phone at all? I am just kind of worried that any magnets on the phone will cause damage within the phone itself. What do you guys think?


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Feb 10, 2014
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That's not correct that the Spigen Magnets mess with the spen/screen functionality. Many, many cases out there with magnets DO affect the screen/spen functionality. But the Spigen, does NOT! It was specifically made to work with the Samsung case on the N4 (& also the N3 & S5, I believe. ) In addition, one of the key differences, is that the Spigen magnet goes on the SIDE of your phone, it doesn't sit on the top of your phone screen as almost all the other magnetic cases do. I'm using the sview case with the Spigen magnetic closure & it's fantastic! By the way, I use my spen 95% of the time, so I would not being using ANYthing that messed with my spen!!! It really makes a world of difference, you'll be surprised how much. Check out some of the utube videos on it & how to place it & remove it (so you don't mark up your case. ) You'll be really glad you got it, enjoy it!

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