Sprint now offering a fix for broken 3G media streaming


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Jun 13, 2010
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I just checked and the new values are:
HTTP PD Proxy Port:0
HTTP PD Proxy Address:

So it's the same as the fix that's been on the forums for a couple months, except Sprint is now "admitting" there was a problem and will fix it for you if you're not comfortable with going in through the MSL (which is admittedly easy and I had already done, but had to hard reset my phone to fix the Hotspot and it went back to the bad values when I did). I was just surprised to see the message come from Sprint themselves.

Thank you for verifying that. I appreciate it.


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Oct 16, 2009
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This tool has been in place for over a month now. Love how quick some reps are. :eek:

Obviously Sprint would want to test a hypothesis before announcing a fix that could potentially do further damage. There have been reports of other users having more issues after doing the change. Its not going to be like someone read a thread here, ran back to a higher up at Sprint and said hey this might work and then next day Sprint start doing this to massive amounts of Evos. Give them a break, it only took three weeks to have an "official" temp fix instead of waiting for another full on Software update that might not even work (cough cough Samsung!!! cough cough)


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Mar 28, 2010
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Haven't seen anyone post this yet, but got an unsolicited message on my EVO last night:

Called the number tonight and within a few minutes they had re-enabled the phone's ability to stream media (like the SiriusXM or Rhapsody apps) over 3G again. I don't know if this is just the same proxy correction fix that people have been doing on their own using the MSL, except being done on Sprint's end, but if you haven't gotten it fixed yet... give them a call and they'll fix it for you.

I had this on my Evo too. I just followed the instructions, and called them. They fixed it, and it doesn't show up anymore.

It was a little confusing though, because in the notification panel it appeared to be a notification from Amazon.

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