Strange issue with DAS/Cell Boosters at work


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Mar 26, 2010
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I work at a public university in Oregon and they installed a DAS (distributed antenna system) to repeat and capture cell phone calls on campus. Works great for Sprint/AT&T/T-Mobile customers.

For most (not all) Verizon phones while I get full signal I cannot complete a call until I get outside the range of these DAS antennas. Before the DAS system was put in I used to get weak signals from Verizon towers, but it worked pretty well.

Networking/Telecom refuses to fix it because they say that Verizon uses a new band that their system doesn't support.

I called Verizon - who opened a trouble ticket and told me "oh the cell tower in that area is working just fine and people are completing calls no problem". I was like - yeah I can outside the range of the DAS. I told them that people are leaving Verizon over this interference issue and they don't seem to care. I even told them all they need to do is write a nasty cease and decist letter to the university president and they would solve it, but they don't seem to care.

Any other recourse I can take? Can I complain to the FCC for interference?