Stuck at Google Load Screen


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Feb 27, 2010
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What happens when you just power on the device? If it just hangs at the Google screen then I wouldn't worry about things... Most I would do is connect via ADB and boot into your bootloader/fastboot and lock the bootloader. Then take it in and just show it to em and say here ya go.. Stuck at the boot screen.

at the cmd prompt type:

fastboot oem lock

That will lock your bootloader back up and appear as nothing has be done... Then if its hanging at the Google screen they will probably attempt to reboot it or whatever and then call it a hardware failure.... I think thats you best shot at this point if nothing else mentioned in this thread is working...

Good idea that's what i did when some how out of no where my boot partition became corrupt and it was out of the blue.I just blew it off as something nobody could of helped went to sprint and got a new one.