Synchronizing past events in calendar between google on-line calendar and google calendar app on my

Leslie Primo

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Dec 22, 2012
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Over the past two months I have been trying to migrate away from my aging Palm Tungsten PDA, which I used as my main diary, but is also disappearing down a technology cul-de-sac, due to the company not existing any more. But how to move all of the past 10 years of events, plus future events up 2015 from the Palm Tungsten to my new Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0.

I was informed that the only way to do this was to firstly set up a Google diary and then via a site called convert all my Palm calendar data into csv files and then import these files into my Google on-line calendar. It worked, all my past and future events were up-loadable to my Google on-line calendar, although it must be said you can only transfer up to 18 events at a time - I had 1176 events to transfer. I have so far managed to transfer about two thirds of my events to my Google on-line calendar; you can imagine how long that has so far taken. Next I downloaded Google calendar app to my Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 and activated synchronize, it synchronized all dates from the present and into the future.

But this is the problem to be solved; the Google app calendar seems utterly incapable of synchronizing any of the past events contained in my Google on-line calendar. So in summery Google on-line calendar recognises the past, but Google calendar app refuses to recognise any past events from its own on-line equivalent, which seems to be a fundamental inconsistency. Can it really be that Google have unanimously decided that no one in the world needs to access any past events in their calendar, surely not; I cannot be the only person in the world having this problem?

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