syncing droid bionic with mac


Sep 23, 2011
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I need any and all advice. I have a new DROID bionic and my personal computer is a macbook. What's a good app or software that I could download and use to sync my phone to my mac book???
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May 5, 2010
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What are you trying to sync? If you have gmail set up, contacts and calendar are always in sync with it and if you get a new phone or factory reset your current one, it all syncs right back up. If it's just music or files...copy and paste.


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Oct 23, 2011
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Help anyone! I just bought my 1st droid, the Bionic. I live in a Mac house around Mac freaks and refused to get the iPhone! I LOVE my droid but being technically stupid it comes with some challenges!

My only issue I have right now:
syncing my droid calendar to my Mac iCal. I don't want anything else to sync, just that! I don't care what calendar I use on my droid, but have to stick with the ICal on the other end.

Was looking into doing it through google but then my husband installed the new Mac operating system and says he had to take off google. What???

Ok, so I thought I'd try zumocast... it says xisting ZumoCast iOS users: The latest ZumoCast desktop client does not work with your iOS ZumoCast application at this time. Please continue to check back for updates." Not even sure that would be the way to go but thought I'd give it a try.

Help! It sounds so easy but I have not figured it out!


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Jan 3, 2010
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I use a Mac application called Spanning Sync to sync iCal and Address Book contacts with Google Calendar and contacts. It keeps everything perfectly in sync, since your phone syncs over the network with Google cal and contacts. Change something on your phone, and it's immediately on Google and syncs on a schedule (usually every hour) on iCal. Add or change and event on iCal, and it changes immediately on Google and then gets synced to your phone as well, so long as you have data, generally within minutes.

iCal and Address Book have the ability to connect to Google products natively, but it isn't as robust and reliable in my experience as Spanning Sync has been.

I do have a link that you can use that will save you $5 if you choose to use it. (Please note that I get $5 if you use it as well.) Every Spanning Sync user can refer people with their own code and link, so you can as well if you do choose to use it.

They do have a 15 day trial as well.

Spanning Sync 3 - Sync iCal with Google Calendar, Sync Address Book with Google Contacts

As you can see, it is $15 per year, or $65 for a lifetime license.

Here is my affiliate code.
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