Tab S2 Screen stopped working for no apparent reason


Apr 3, 2011
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I have a SM-T710, eight inch Tab S2. I use it for surfing the web and flash games. It's in the Samsung book cover case, the one that clips into the two round thingies on the back. I bought the tablet and case together, new, I think from Sam's Club.

I am the only one who uses it. When it's not in use it goes in a padded fabric carry case. I have never, ever, dropped the tablet. It has never gotten wet. A few months ago I was playing a game, I closed the case and put it down. When I picked it up and opened it about twenty minutes later, the tablet went on went on fine, entered the app that it was in previously, but the screen didn't work. Since then I have tried innumerable things including multiple factory wipes. I have never been able to get any functionality from my screen again.

When the tablet is on and I push hard on the screen, there's no discoloration, no indication that there's anything wrong. Just nothing.

I've never used Geek Squad, so I called them and they only work on tablets that were purchased there AND are still under warranty, and by "work on" I mean they mail them to a third party. All the local computer repair shops that I contacted don't work hardware on tablets, only software.

Might anyone have any idea what might have happened?

How about what to do about it?

B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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Does this happen in Safe Mode as well? If so, then it's likely a hardware failure. The touchscreen may have simply failed on its own -- things like this happen from time to time. You'd have to either find a repair shop that will work on that tablet, or contact your nearest Samsung service center.

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