The Samsung Illusion for Verizon


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Jun 21, 2011
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Supposedly it'll have TW4 (according to the article) and will run 2.3. It's a mid-level phone that might go for as low as $100 on contract. That's pretty good.

Samsung spoils Illusion for Verizon ahead of time | Electronista


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May 22, 2012
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i have an illusion, just recently i found a drafted message address to anonymous, it wasnt sent though. any ideas on what it is"
message as follows

Board: SCH-I110 Brand: verizon Device: SCH-I110 Build ID: GINGERBREAD.EJ2 Model: SCH-I110 Product: SCH-I110 Tags: release-keys Release: 2.3.5 SDK: 10 E/DataRouter( 95): At Format char [O] E/DataRouter( 95): At Format char [K] E/DataRouter( 95): Copied char to outbuf[OK] E/DataRouter( 95): At print to USB = [OK] length = 2 E/DataRouter( 95): Test string:[OK] E/DataRouter( 95): write_to_usb Func called E/DataRouter( 95): write [6] bytes of data to USB fd[33] D/InputReader( 131): Input event: value=0 I/InputDispatcher( 131): Delivering key to current input target: action: 1, channel '40552f10 android/ (server)' E/[FT]-Stack(16383): getLocalServerIPAddress - address:100772032 D/GpsLocationProvider( 131): updateNetworkState available info: NetworkInfo: type: WIFI[CDMA - EvDo rev. A], state: CONNECTED/CONNECTED, reason: (unspecified), extra: (none), roaming: false, failover: false, isAvailable: true D/libsecgps( 131): agps_ril_upd