Thunderbolt Will Not Turn On


Jul 23, 2011
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Hello all. I'm having a strange issue with my Thunderbolt that another member seemed to have, but didn't seem to get solved. This morning, around 5 am, I used my thunderbolt to respond to some emails while it was still plugged in and 100% charged. When I was finished, I pressed the power button to turn off the screen. A few minutes later, I unplugged the charger and noticed that the screen didn't turn on automatically as usual when unplugged and the green charging light stayed lit. The power button would not make the screen come on. So I tried a battery pull and it would still not turn on. I left the battery out for 5 minutes then tried again. Still nothing. Then I left it out for an hour. Still nothing. I can't use the power button at all so I can't get into the bootloader.

My phone has never gotten wet and has only been dropped with a case on it, maybe three or four times. It's in fantastic condition. I'm stock rooted on 2.11.605.9. I have OTAs disabled through changes in the correct files, so I know it didn't take the OTA.

Does anybody have any idea what to do?
Thanks in advance