Transferring iPod Touch music to Eris


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Oct 24, 2008
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Click and drag... that is your best bet honestly. Plus it depends on what type of computer you are using. Mac or Windows...


Jan 11, 2010
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Ok, please dont flame on me here, as I have searched for an answer, without much luck...

I'm new to this forum, after owning and using a Blackberry for quite some time, and realizing that these types of forums are great for people needing and/or giving help to other users.

I just got my Eris and trying to find a quick way to transfer my music off my Mac computer onto my Micro-SD card on my phone. I had tons of songs and pictures on my Blackberry, and it was very easy to transfer anything off my computer onto my phone, using my (mico) USB cord. I'm assuming that I can do the same with this phone ??

I tried to have my Eris 'format' my SD card first. Then I hooked up my USB cord to my phone and then my Mac computer. It recognizes the card/(phone), but the card shows no formatted areas/categories (i.e. pictures, music, ringtones, etc.) to open up and drag and drop music/pictures/ringtones into. Usually on other past phones, whenever I had the phone format the card, then all of those areas are set up on the SD card, and it's real easy from there on out. I'm sure I must be missing a tiny step along the way, that I did not see in my on-line owners maunual.
I have hundreds of (custom-made) ringtones, songs, and pics, so I am hoping someone can give me a little guidance.


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Jan 3, 2010
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When you connect the USB cable, you will get a notification on the Eris that there was a connection - it says "USB connected. Select to copy files to/from your computer." You must open the notification and click the "Mount" button.

When it is mounted, you will see the SD card show up in the Finder (it is probably called "NO NAME" - at least it is on my Mac.) From there, you can really just drag and drop music, photos, etc. You can create folders for these actions if you wish, but it is not actually necessary - the Eris will find them. You can also use an application on the Mac called DoubleTwist to automate this in a very iTunes way.

When you are done, you must eject the SD card from the Mac, and then re-open the notification area on the Eris, choose "Turn off USB storage", and click the "turn off" button.

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