Tried to buy a 512 today.


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May 3, 2013
I had preordered the 512 and it was set to come the 4th-8th so I decided to go in to Att today to buy the 512 because surely they would have them in stock. Guy said they had them so I went through the process of cancelling my order paying my late bill be cause it was due yesterday and they can't do the big upgrade without it being paid. So all is said and done he goes to get the 512 and after 5 mins. I KNOW something is up. He comes out and is like "I don't wanna be that guy but...." so they had no 512s....matter of fact none of the Att stores in Indianapolis got any 512 and he said they didn't know when any of them would get any and if they did it would only be 2 or 3. So I went to replace my order and it them had a deliver date Sept 20th. I said screw it took the 128 and figured extra cash now goes back to the galaxy watch when it comes out. At least the Forsaken update is coming the 4th. #warlocksmasterace
Indianapolis here too!


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May 3, 2011
Not saying that man can't get a lavender phone, but I would guess that an overwhelming majority of males will get the blue whereas women will be more evenly split between blue and lavender. You would think that Samsung would have produced more blue than lavender phones but looks like they under estimated the allocation to blue.

I got an unlocked Prince Purple 512 from B.B. No sign of my blue Verizon preorder, so went for it. Black Samsung silicon case offsets and makes it look good overall. Let’s go crazy! Trading my S8 for $450 was too good to pass up. Probably ending soon, so went purple.

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