trouble getting google music app to sync music


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Mar 20, 2014
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I just got the S4 a week ago. One problem I cannot figure out is how to get the Google play music app to sync music into the stock music app. Also, I cannot find where to change which files the stock music app searches to find new music. Normally, there is a "Search for new music option, or re-scan" option, but I cannot find this anywhere. Has anyone else had this problem? Obviously the google music app is not syncing with the stock or other music apps so I'm getting frustrated. Any ideas? Thanks!

B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! I don't think Google Music will sync with the stock music player. The stock player will play music files that you transfer onto your phone directly from the computer, but the problem with Google Music files is that when you download them (i.e., "Keep on device"), they're intended for use only with Google Music, not with other players. The downloaded music file is stored in some obscure directory with a coded filename. I think of it as Google's soft way of discouraging music piracy.

As far as I know the stock music player also can't stream music from your Google Music library. If you want your stock player to play music from your Google Music library, your best bet is to download it to your computer, either from the Google Music Library website, or by using the Google Music Manager program. Then you can transfer the music to your phone's internal or external storage, and then play it from your stock player. See this guide for more info:

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