Trying to install an "unknown" app


Jun 18, 2019
Samsung Galaxy Tab 6 running Android 12

I'm trying to install a new version of Helicon Remote - an app that's been on here for YEARS.

I put the .apk file in the download folder (its a beta test version so it's NOT in google play or anything). I clicked on it. It asks me if I wanted to use <something> maybe a package installer or app installer. I told it to use it Always (which I presume is why it's not asking me any more).

INSTEAD of installing like it always has, it pops up a complaint: "For your security, your phone currently isn't ALLOWED to install unknown apps from this source. You can change this in settings...

SO, I GO TO SETTINGS. Where can can't find ANYTHING that's obvious to the uninformed observer, so I go searching. And find things that tell me to go into security (which on this appears to be in "Biometrics and Security"), which I did, and eventually found a line that says "Install unknown apps". I clicked on it. NOTHING obvious happened. It spun for half a second and a bunch of apps showed, up, but it doesn't appear to do ANYTHING for putting the Helicon software on here.

Went back to Files, back to download. Clicked. Got the SAME result.

HOW do I make this thing allow me to PERMANENTLY install apps from anywhere I get them?


Super Moderator
Feb 6, 2017
Go to settings>apps>3 dots upper right corner tap>tap special access>tap install unknown apps then toggle on my files app if that's where your installing from Screenshot_20220731-121540_Settings.jpgScreenshot_20220731-121532_Settings.jpg

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