Using Car Speakers to Make a Phone Call


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Aug 23, 2013
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When I had my T-Bolt I Was able to use my car speakers to make listen to my phone calls using the AUX port. But with the S4 when my phone is plugged into the AUX port and I make a call, the people can not hear me. Any advice? I use my phone to listen to music and when the phone rings it is annoying to have t unplug it to take the call.


Jul 14, 2011
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That's weird, I CAN use my car speakers just fine. Are you sure you don't have the phone where the microphone is blocked or something? Using the AUX port only lets you play the sound through the speakers, but the microphone is still in the phone. If that's blocked or too far away from you or facing an air vent directly, it will be mighty hard for anyone to hear you. Oh, and don't put it in Speaker Mode as this takes the audio OFF the AUX port.