V20 emoji selection


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Feb 3, 2017
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So am i understanding this correctly because its causing me quite a bit of confusion:

Did the tmobile v20s not ship withthe new emoji set in 7.0? I can receive and see emojis that do not show up on my keyboard. If i look for the taco, middle finger, avocado etc...theyre not there. But, when someone sends it, it displays just fine so it has to be embedded in the unicode somewhere right? So they allowed us to see them but not send them?

I downloaded gboard and all the new emojis are there to send and receive, you can even long press on a person to change their color but im not a fan of this keyboard. Is there some update i didnt get? I came from the LG g flex that didnt have these strange mustard colored melty marshmallow emojis, it had the circular "happy face" shaped ones. So i feel like ive been downgraded even though im now on 7.0. I read somewhere that the new emojis come for v20 in 7.1 is that true?

Will we get the emoji update without having to download gboard or root? Is it a settings thing? What am i missing? I was really disappointed to see that the emojis werent here in the latest update. Is 7.0 nougat or am i wrong about that too?