Very odd pop-up view glitch when apps are open?


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Mar 25, 2010
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So, today I randomly noticed that when I opened an app and tapped anywhere in the app that it would change as if it were opened in a pop-up window, but was still basically full screen. I then noticed when I open any app and try to swipe down, nothing happens. The notification shade doesn't open, but if I swipe anywhere in the upper left area of the phone, it acts as if I'm trying to make it a pop-up window (it also won't let me drag from any other corner to open pop-up view at this point). It's supposed to only do that if you swipe from a corner, but it'll happen even if my finger swipes in halfway down the phone.

If I disable the "Swipe to open pop-up view" option, this stops happening, but I use that all the time, I don't want it disabled. I don't understand why this is suddenly happening. It happens on the inner and outer screen, so it's not like the touch went bad on the inner screen. Also, it doesn't happen on the home screen (presumably because there's nothing to pop-up view from the home screen). Is anyone else having this happen? It literally just started happening halfway through today.

The only things I did were update a few Good Lock modules and I even uninstalled them altogether to see if that broke something, but it's still happening. I've restarted, done a hard reset (by holding down power and down volume). I've tried turning on show taps to see if there's a phantom tap somewhere, but there isn't. It's almost as if the screen is registering the entire top left quarter as being the very left corner of the screen for some reason. Sorry for the lengthy post, but I am at a complete loss as to what could have happened or how to fix it.

UPDATE: Oooookay so now....if I have pop-up view on, I can move the notification shade while having an app open and tapping doesn't change it to a pop-up view, but now swiping from the corners does nothing. What the heck is going on here?

UPDATE UPDATE: Okay, so.....almost certain I narrowed it down to Good Lock. I reinstalled MultiStar and reselected the options I had before I uninstalled it and now everything seems to be working right? I have no idea...I don't even use many options in MultiStar, so I have no idea what could have caused this. I guess it's resolved?
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