Weird text message and "downloaded" app


Jul 31, 2013
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hi everyone

sorry if this is not the right forum to post in

i have a verizon razr m (for about a year now), use it pretty much only for texting and light internet use (news, etc). Have never downloaded any apps, never even opened the Play store on this phone

Today I get a weird text message, no subject, no body, and it is from a strange email address ( I opened it on accident.
I immediately deleted it; nothing seems weird about my phone --- is there some sort of attack like this? Or is it just spam (even though it had no text spamming anything?)

Second issue, may or may not be related I dont know, after receiving this text I just started looking through my phones menus to see if I could see anything strange. Going to Settings -> Apps -> Downloaded, there is one item listed:
What the heck is this? I dont recall downloading anything like this (again, never accessed the Play store). I googled this term and nothing really came up.

Thanks for any help