What caused my Galaxy S7 to enter Odin Mode / Download Mode where the screen reads

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I'm trying to figure out how my Galaxy S7 entered Odin Mode / Download Mode where the screen reads "Downloading, do not turn off target" and then later melted the USB charger. I'm concerned the phone may have been tampered with.

I fell asleep with my phone charging the other day when I had a new friend over. When I woke up, my phone was in Odin Mode. They say they did not touch my phone, but I'm skeptical as they were acting very unusual. A few hours later, I found my phone was extremely hot and had melted the USB charger.

Can the Galaxy S7 Android reboot into this mode on its own due to a system issue or does it always require you to press and hold a series of buttons?

Can water or a non-Samsung charger cause a problem that would make your phone enter Odin Mode and then melt the USB charger?

Thanks in advance for your help. Happy to provide more details

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