What Does The End of Net Neutrality Mean to You?

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So what do you think? Good , Bad or no change as a result?


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Feb 12, 2012
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It's probably going to take at least a year until we actually know. Maybe even longer. We'll have to see complaints brought, and how the FTC handles them.


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Jul 7, 2013
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The other consideration is that several of the major providers have come out publicly saying they will not start charging content providers for priority access. Time Warner (now Spectrum), Verizon, AT&T are among them.


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Nov 22, 2014
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As far as I know, in my country there are no net neutrality laws, and it can be evidenced in how some sites have cheaper access. For example Facebook has partnered with our local telcos to provide free access via their app regardless of data bundles paid for.

What happens here is that currently, our internet pricing is somewhat expensive I guess. I am paying around 25USD (after conversion) for 10mbps internet connection at home. It's unlimited, but throttles down to between 3-5mbps after 150GB. Since my laptop is just 720p, and so is my tablet, and I don't mind 480p resolution on them, I get along fine, since you only need like 2mbps to smoothly stream 480p.

No prioritization on site access for data payers are happening. However, there are 'access bundles' where you can pay less than the usual free access rates for limited access on mobile. For example, instead of paying the whole 20USD for free internet access for one month, some guys pay only 2 USD for access to social media apps like Facebook and Instagram for 1mo. Another 2USD for chat apps, and another 4USD for streaming like YouTube. For people whose internet access is mostly those apps, thats just 8USD instead of the whole 20USD, so it's good for them.

However I should also point out that we are a third world country, which means that to earn more, the telcos should make the services cheaper and more accessible to have more customers. I won't know how the market will work in the US.