What is wrong with my Nexus 6?


AC Question

Hello all, about three weeks ago my Nexus started having a weird error. Audio for media ( videos, music, games ect..) stopped coming through the speakers. I thought it might be broken speakers but phone calls and alarms still worked. Bluetooth was not working either but headphones did. Since then the problem has become more erratic. Sometimes audio comes through the speakers and randomly cuts out. Bluetooth is the same way. Today the phone started doing other weird things such as the volume randomly turning itself up and down while I was watching something on my Chromecast. It also keeps opening the Google Now Search bar randomly, closing me out of the app and taking me to the search where it proceeds to search nothing. I have tried factory reset already and even used multiple anti-virus apps to try and diagnose the problem. Couldn't find anything on the web about it either. Any help with this issue would be appreciated!

B. Diddy

Senior Ambassador
Mar 9, 2012
Welcome to Android Central! When Google Search opens randomly, is it waiting for you to speak? If so, I'd wonder about a faulty headphone jack, since it might be sending a false signal from the microphone contact.