Whatsapp emoji issue after update


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Apr 27, 2012
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I received the latest Whatsapp update (v2.17.24) yesterday on my Oneplus Three phone running Nougat. At work I tend to use the messenger via the whatsapp web interface. After the app update on android also the web interface asked me to refresh the page to receive all new features, including the updated set of emojis.

However after testing the new emojis (for example the lady teacher) I noticed that they are not sent along properly. While they are properly displayed on the web interface, looking at the message within the app, in some cases totally different emojies were sent. In case of the lady teacher the emoji was even split up into two different emojies.

So my question, are we heading back to the good old nokia days where you had no idea how and if your emojis get displayed at the other end or is this some inconsistency between whatsapp web and the app? :-[

tnx kr A.
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