Why am I unable to turn on Wifi or Bluetooth?


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Why am I unable to turn on Wifi or Bluetooth

When the device is switched on it opens now with both the WiFi slider and Bluetooth slider in the Off position and tells me there is no internet connection, I then move the WiFi slider to the right as instructed but when moved it never changes colour and after about 5 or 6 secs it goes back to the start position. The Bluetooth slider can also be turned to the on position, it also doesn't change colour and to keep it to the right your finger must remain on same and it doesn't show the drop downbox showing the other devises the it was able to connect too, I can also state that the device has not been dropped or put in to any position where it would be damaged. The device was working perfectly well,I turned it off after login out of my internet connection put the unit on charge overnight and this came about when the unit was re started the next day.The unit in question is a Samsung tablet 3 it is seven months old

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