Why are my contacts showing duplicate entries?


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I have been facing problems with the contact display of my Motorola 3rd Gen. If i add a contact with 2 numbers for instance there are times when i see 4 instances of the same name and numbers. Sometimes the numbers from the same entry gets split and shows as multiple entries. For example, i save 2 nos (no 1 and no 2) for contact A and it shows contact A twice, thrice or even four times having both the nos. Another example, i save 2 nos (no 3 and no 4) for contact B and it shows contact B twice - one having no 3 and another having no 4. Sometimes, it shows contact B thrice - one having no 3, the other having no 4 and the 3rd one having nothing. I don't know why it happens. Am i the only one facing such problems? I could have given screenshots but i see no such provision here.

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