Why does my rooted Coolpad 9976a keep rebooting?


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Rooted Coolpad 9976a keeps rebooting

Hello, i gota noobish question. I get rooted coolpad 9976a with android 4.2.2 / cyanogen mood. Had kinda problem with SDcard which i wanted to solve by formating it. - And im not realy sure if i choosed to format the card or phone memory.- However, after that action i rebooted the device-phone and i was kinda surprised, coz it still keeps rebooting, like there would be no system on it. (There is coolpad logo then its off, coolpad logo... over and over again) Power button and volume- shows "oficial" in left corner, but it doesnt starts android revolvery or anything.
Can flashing the device solve this problem? Thanks a lot.