Why my Samsung S7 edge keep freezing?


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Sep 26, 2018
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I recently installed LineageOS on my S7 Edge because it has a problem with a recent samsung update (the device wasn't able to read the sim card, problem solved by installing Lineage).
It was fine for a couple hours of intensive use, then it freezed. When I rebooted the device it started and was fine but only for a couple of minutes.
After various attemping of simply rebooting the problem persisted, so i decided to reinstall LineageOS, but the device also freezes after 2 minutes of use in Recovery (TWRP).
I then tried to reinstall stock rom in Download mode and the process via Odin was fine (so the smartphone is able to stay on for more than 5 minutes) but when it reboot and start the blue screen with the android robot saying installing system/wiping ecc.. it last two minutes and then freeze.
In TWRP I'm also able to Advanced Wipe and repair System/Data/Cache partitions, and they are correctly mounted.
But every time the device boot (by now only in recovery mode because it doesn't have any rom installed on) it lasts only 2 minutes so I don't have enough time to install any ROM. What can I do?

- Temperature is between 24° C and 33° C
- TWRP 3.2.3-0
- First time installed LineageOS 15.1
- Installed MindTheGapps instead of OpenGapps because during the installation of OpenGapps the device freezed

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