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Why does my Samsuna A3 create multiple copies of one photo for each app?


New member
Aug 2, 2017
Hi everyone,
My Samsung A3 is driving me bonkers. Everytime I use a photo in social media app such as instagram, facebook, pinteres, etsy my phone will create a folder for that app and save a copy of that photo. Then in the main camera roll I will end up with the multiple copies of the same picture (if I use it 6 times it will create 6 copies if I use it 20 times it will create 20). Is there a way to stop my phone from doing this?
Many thanks
P.S. and I thought having whatsapp saving every photo sent to me was annoying. 🙊


Well-known member
Aug 10, 2016
it has nothing to do with your phone, it's just the apps that save a copy of the photo and save it. you can delete them.