Why does my screen go dark and then lock when using certain apps?


AC Question

This issue started back around Thanksgiving. When I would turn on certain apps within seconds of using those apps my screen goes dark. I can still hear all the sounds from the apps as if they are still running without an issue. My screen sits dark for a random amount of time, could be a couple seconds or a few minutes. I cant even turn the phone off and back on without removing the battery. When the screen comes back on it goes back to the app for about 5 seconds then it goes to the lock screen. Sometimes it will go dark again immediately, other times it will stay on for maybe a minute or two. It makes it really hard to use my phone for anything other than making calls or texting with the regular texting app, can't even use hangouts for the same issue. i have an android model LGL33L with 5.0.1 system. I've tried reinstalling the apps, clearing the cache, transferring the apps to the SD card (that makes them completely unusable) and i have even restored the phone to factory settings once. This issue will not go away.