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Why does my Sync calendar fault & Snapchat won't log in?


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Unanswerable issue - Sync calendar fault & Snapchat wont log in

So initially I updated my snapchat app and it was crashing each time I tried to add a video to my story. I logged out, uninstalled then re-installed to fix the issue. I went to log back in, but was unable.

Thought it may have been a temporary issue, so left it to try again later. 5 days later, still unable to sign in.

As anyone does, I googled what might be up. Very minimal results, however found one leading me to find out that my Google Sync isn't working for my calendar either.

I'm not convinced that they're related, but can't seem to find answers to either issue. I've done the general troubleshooting of uninstalling, refreshing, removing any new apps after them etc.

Also, to add a 3rd issue.. i get re - directed to spam/ad pages sometimes when I'm using Chrome. Any solutions that don't include downloading "spy ware apps" - I don't really trust them.

Galaxy Note 3.