Why doesnt my screen work??!!


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So i accidently dropped my LG G2 and it had two cracks goind diagonally across my screen. Only the bottom half of it worked and i have a slide lock set up so i was able to unlock it, then a few weeks later, i sat my phone on the floor(i was stupid for that) and i was opening my locker and the lock fell on top of the screen and now, theres a big crack all over my phone and onlt the top roght corner works!!! I cant unlock it but im able to see my notifactions. Why is it that with lg g2 and g3, after one small crack, the screen stops working?? I hate this phone!

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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! Those don't sound like small cracks. Dropping the phone onto a hard surface is a crapshoot--you might be lucky and sustain no damage, or you might be unlucky, and the phone will hit the ground at the right angle and velocity to cause some serious internal damage. It doesn't help that later on, a heavy padlock fell directly on the screen causing even more damage. You'll need to get the screen replaced--and next time, I would strongly recommend using a good case.


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Apr 23, 2011
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I would also recommend a tempered glass screen protector, in case another padlock falls on the screen

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Apr 24, 2015
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I feel your pain. I had a Lg Nexus 4 for not even 24 hours, it was in my back pocket, I had no case yet though. No screen protector. But anyway I sat down at school & when I took it out theres a horizontal in the middle across the whole screen & now The very top part works. I cant use ittttt. I cant even unlock it. I literally just fixed the screen not too long ago. Now ANOTHER hundred dollars to get it fixed AGAIN. Stupid incidents. Its ridiculous.:-$:':)(